Best Rated Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in the life of every woman, but the joy of waiting for a baby is somewhat overshadowed by the discomfort caused by increased stress on the body. The best way to recuperate at this time is a full sleep, the quality of which depends on the conditions created for recreation.

Best Rated Pregnancy Pillow

Of course, you can limit yourself to traditional sets, but it is better if the expectant mother fills up with a sleeping wardrobe with a pillow for pregnant women. A growing belly makes it more and more difficult to sleep, and it’s harder to determine which resting position is suitable. Every future mother can help ease the situation. She knows how to choose a pillow size for pregnant women and how to handle it.

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Secrets of choice

If we talk about sleeping posture, then doctors forbid on the stomach, do not advise on the back and recommend on the side. The latter option is not always convenient. The best solution would be to use a special pillow for expectant mothers – it is placed under the head, neck, lower back, stomach or legs, relieves puffiness, relaxes the spine. It is acquired by a number of criteria, the main are size, shape, filler. Knowing how to choose the right pillow for pregnant women, you buy a product that is useful even when the baby is born. It was developed specifically for women awaiting replenishment; it replaces three or four ordinary objects.

Pregnancy Pillow

These pillows are available in different shapes and sizes, they also differ in filler and color scheme. The first two points are especially important, the rest depends on individual preferences and taste.

You need to purchase a pillow for pregnant women according to the following criteria:

  • Security. Pay attention to the composition and quality of the materials from which the cover is sewn. It is better if these are natural fabrics – cotton or coarse. Do not be afraid of modern fillers – holofiber , synthetic winterizer , polystyrene foam is not harmful to health. They are hypoallergenic , remove moisture from the body, do not require special care, retain their shape and elasticity for a long time.
  • Convenience. This pillow provides a comfortable rest and sleep, it is quite soft and elastic, takes the necessary form, supports the neck, lower back, tummy and legs, and after giving birth – the baby during games and feeding.
  • Functionality. Some models are considered universal, they are able to change shape, can be used as ordinary pillows, and during feeding they form a soft side that does not allow the baby to slide and fall.
  • Dimensions. The average length along the outer contour is 340 cm with a thickness (diameter) of 30-35 cm. There are smaller models, but they are more suitable for feeding, it is not particularly convenient to sleep on them. Mothers will be better suited products 25-300 cm long, but remember: a pillow should be placed on the bed, not interfere with rest.
  • View. To choose the shape of the pillow for pregnant women, you should be guided by two factors – your own height and the size of the bed. Some models support several points at once, others are placed under separate areas where there is a particular discomfort. Pillows are produced in the form of the letter “U” (the most common version), “C”, “G”, “I” and “G”, in the form of a banana and boomerang. They are designed to meet the anatomical features of the body of a pregnant woman, suitable for rest at night and day.

Body Pillow

The functionality and usability of the pillow is as follows:

  1. comfortable sleep and good rest. At night, you do not risk accidentally roll over on your stomach or collide with a partner, since the sides of the product prevent this possibility. Also, its design will protect against back pain when in a sitting position. You can put a pillow under your back or throw your foot on one of the sides. Thus, the load will be distributed evenly, and you can fully relax while watching your favorite movie, reading a book, etc .;
  2. convenient feeding. You should simply sit down, placing the pillow rollers around you and resting your elbows on them. This will put the baby in her arms so that it is not hard. Through this practice, you will be less tired;
  3. child safety. The boomerang pillow can also be used for a newborn by placing it in the cradle between the rollers. So you will not be afraid that he will accidentally fall out or incorrectly turn over.

If you are going on a trip, be sure to bring such products with you. They will provide a comfortable and full sleep in an unfamiliar place, allow you to relax and give only pleasant sensations.

Characteristics of fillers

  • Hollofiber – synthetic fibers in the form of microscopic springs, interconnected in small bundles. This filler does not fall down, if necessary, its properties are restored with the help of an ordinary comb-brush. It creates an excellent microclimate and does not allow overheating in those places where the body comes into contact with the pillow.
  • Sintepon – very similar to holofiber , cheaper, but not so durable and practical. Used in low-cost, low-end models, serves no more than five years, and then loses properties.
  • Polystyrene foam – small balls of different sizes, reminiscent of foam. The filler is more suitable for pillows intended for daytime rest – balls noticeably rustle and interfere with night sleep. It is believed that foam polystyrene pillows relieve stress well.

Best pregnancy pillows filled with holofiber and padding polyester are easy to wash and dry quickly, but products with polystyrene balls are not recommended to be washed: only pillowcases can be washed.

For feeding baby

Regardless of the shape, size and material, the maternity pillow will serve well even after the birth of a baby. Although it is chosen at the discretion of the future mother and when choosing a long-term calculation is not always present, any of the models will become a convenient bed for the crumbs during feeding and games. Best of all for these purposes are suitable products in the form of the letter “U”, “C” and “G”, they cover the baby and form a soft barrier around it. There are more than ten positions in which the child is attached to the chest, lying on the pillow. Choose the right is not difficult. Thanks to the pillow, it will be convenient for both mom and baby, and this is the key to a good mood and excellent well-being.

Pillow For Feeding Baby

The pillow, selected according to the individual characteristics of the organism and personal preferences, will become your favorite bed accessory, it will help during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby. The Russian market has a wide range of pillows, pillowcases, products for expectant mothers and newborns. Each customer can easily select an option that perfectly matches their own tastes and preferences.

What to consider when choosing?

To make the right choice of bedding for expectant mothers, follow a number of requirements.

  1. Inspect each item carefully. All seams should be properly stitched before laying on the window. If you find significant shortcomings – an occasion to reflect on the overall quality of the brand.
  2. Specialized orthopedic shops are required to offer to test their products. So do not rush to buy. Lie down in the store on the couch, hug the pad. Turn in all positions. Draw the right conclusions so you don’t have to return the product. If the store does not have a testing service – an occasion to reflect on the professionalism of the store owner.
  3. Pay attention to the elasticity of the pads. A strongly elastic product can cause discomfort (as well as solid). The average is what you need. According to the degree of softness / hardness there are various gradations.
  4. Consider the size of the home bed. Different models are available in excellent sizes. If you are going to sleep with your husband, some types of pads will not work. If the home bed is of impressive size, choose a larger product.
  5. Talk to your feelings. Sometimes the human gut tells you whether the product will fit it or not. If you are not satisfied with the color, design, something else – do not rush to buy, because you have to sleep on a pad every day.
  6. Buy a product with a margin. Some mothers after childbirth use accessories for feeding the baby, games, as a safe bed. Different fillers behave differently over time. If the purchase is designed for continuous use, it is better to spend a large amount, to purchase a quality product.
  7. Fabric upholstery should be natural, pleasant to the touch, do not cause skin irritation. Buying expensive silk pads is fully justified. In summer, in hot weather, the surface will have a cooling effect.

Do not rush to spend finances. Look at several firms, models. Compare products, choosing the most suitable, high-quality. Over time, you will say thank you for the “meticulous” approach.

Pillow Forms for Expectant Mothers

Different forms of pillows for pregnant women are used to ensure every woman has a healthy sleep. Below are all the options that can only be found on store shelves.


U-Type Pregnancy Pillow

It is considered the most convenient. The shape ensures the maintenance of the body at all points. At manufacturing symmetry is observed. During sleep, you can spin as you please, without fear of losing a comfortable state.


  • maintaining the body comfortable state throughout sleep;
  • symmetrical form covers the body from all sides, making it unnecessary to turn the accessory upside down during sleep;
  • good back and abdomen support;
  • relieves intervertebral discs;
  • evenly distributes the load on the back;
  • rest your leg muscles.

But there is one drawback: the dimensions are such that space on the bed will remain small. Sleeping in your arms with your beloved will not work.


G-Type Pregnancy Pillow

In the market of orthopedic products, this model has appeared recently. In size, such a pillow for pregnant women takes up little space: 350 * 35 centimeters, thanks to the rounded shape, the two of you can lie on the bed.


  • convenient support for the back, legs, abdomen, head;
  • occupies less space than the U-shaped;
  • You can relax with your husband on a regular bed size.

There is one drawback: in a dream, if you need to roll over on the other side, the product will have to be turned over.


Very comfortable shape sleeping pads of a pregnant girl. It can be used not only on a sleepy night, but during the day, while watching TV or reading an art book.


  • bagel shape provides body support from all sides;
  • a comfortable notch for the abdomen will ensure a comfortable rest at night;
  • does not take much space.

The disadvantage of this sleeping accessory, as with all asymmetrical ones, is one: if you need to roll over on the other side, the pillow turns over with the other side.

C, I-shaped (banana, crescent)

This form provides a comfortable rest throughout pregnancy. It is especially convenient to sleep on such a pad at late periods, in the position on the side. When transporting does not take up much space.


  • you can sleep together;
  • convenient to take on a trip;
  • easy to shift if you need to roll over.

A similar option is an accessory of the shape of the English letter I. The only difference is the absence of a notch in the abdomen.

These two types of bedding of future mothers have gained great popularity due to the compactness, convenient location of the body on the side. A number of manufacturers produce their products with a special hole napernika – lightning. This solution allows you to conveniently change the filler, or reduce / increase the density (elasticity) of an existing one.


Supporters of natural materials prefer buckwheat husk, wool or fluff, but this is not the best choice. In the husk, harmful insects and microorganisms breed, the down and feather are allergens, and the wool quickly falls down. To combat these phenomena, chemical processing is required, but then the naturalness of the products is in doubt. The best option is holofiber or polystyrene foam .

What is convenient pillow for pregnant women with a similar filler:

  • Does not absorb sweat.
  • Does not contribute to the development of dangerous microorganisms.
  • Easy to wash and dry quickly.
  • It does not require special care.
  • For a long time, it maintains a presentable appearance.

Different material is used to fill the pillows. The main selection criterion manufacturer means:

  • environmental friendliness ;
  • hypoallergenicity ;
  • elasticity;
  • durability;
  • quality;
  • health safety.

The above requirements are met by synthetic fillers, such as:

  • holofayber;
  • comfort ;
  • polystyrene foam ;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • artificial down;
  • tinsuleyt ;

The manufacturer expects the use of their product by newborns. Therefore, selection takes place according to the criterion of safety, hypoallergenicity.

  • Styrofoam balls have a calming effect, keep their elastic properties, are easily replaced.
  • Holofiber quickly out of the elastic state, so its service life is less. But the cost of the latter is lower than polystyrene.
  • Sintepon invented the first of the three fillers. It does not have a high rate of elasticity, so it is rarely used.
  • And comfort is widely used for bedding of pregnant women and newborns.

Exterior upholstery is made of natural fabrics. It:

  • cotton;
  • calico;
  • silk.

Silk pillowcases are expensive, but pleasant to the body. Cotton, calico are also good.

An important point in the choice of sleeping pillows is the color of the product. Modern psychologists pay more attention to this item than the shape of the pads. Study the effect of each shade on the psychological state of a person, the nervous system. Strongly bright, sharp shades of color will not work. A soft sky-blue, pink-orange, peach colors, shades of garden grass, olives are well suited for the girl in the position and interior of the bedroom.

What colors to choose?

  1. Yellow. Fresh color, born of the sun. Gamma promotes creative thinking, calmness, relaxation. Yellow doctors advise young children. Color has to creative thinking.
  2. Green. It has the life-giving power of plants. Presented by the earth, the shade calms, calms the nervous system, keeps the nerves in good shape.
  3. Brown. Color security. Light shades make a state of comfort, have to communicate. A dark scale for pregnant women is better not to use.
  4. Orange. The warm, saturated shade adding to freshness, energy, the sun. Apply orange with hints of peach, pink. Bright, pale, peaceful – orange color will decorate every room.
  5. Mint. Pale hue gives a mild freshness of mood. Saturated colors of mint make an energetic state, charge with cheerfulness.

Learn the ancient Indian science – color therapy. Find out the effect of each shade on the human body. Surprise a pregnant woman with an original gift with a tempting background.